Welcome to Home and Body Co.

Hazem and Nadine Haddad, husband and wife team are the founders of Home and Body Company since 1997. Their unique background of chemistry and manufacturing allowed them to create a comprehensive collection of valuable products to share with others. Together they have a passion for top quality ingredients coupled with integrity and pride.

Home and Body Co. designs luxurious products to enrich not only your home but nurture your body and soul. Our goal is to replace the harsh smells of cleaning and body chemicals we have grown to know, with natural beautiful aromas.

With our commitment to clients needs, we provide the highest quality of ingredients emphasizing our dedication to exceptional service our customers expect from us.

Our mission here at Home and Body Co. is to offer a superior experience to our clients while providing beneficial and unique ingredients in every product. We believe that you should take pride in not only your body but your home as well. Therefore our philosophy is to delivery beautiful products along with our passion for knowledge. H&B Co. believes in conducting business in professional and safe environment with commitment to continuous improvement each day.

“joie de vivre”